Amazon Echo Show 5: Here's What You Need To Know

published: 2019-05-31 05:19:32

Amazon has sprung another Echo device on us & this one is called the Echo Show 5. Here’s What You Need To Know About The Echo Show 5.

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Echo Show 5
Echo Show (2nd Gen)
Echo Spot
All-New Fire 7 Tablet


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  1. Thank you for the information!

  2. You are the 3rd or 4th person that has said they don’t know why it is called Echo Show 5, but then proceed to explain exactly why it is called that. Of course it is the screen size. They had to come up with a name that would distinguish it from the bigger Echo Show. After all what were their options? Echo Show Jr that wouldn’t work because the specs are not exactly similar. They couldn’t use Echo Show Mini either people would immediately start comparing it to Google Home Mini which they will anyway.

    I personally don’t own a Echo Spot but if I did this new device would surely replace it. The screen on a Spot is too small for me. I haven’t preordered yet. Thinking about waiting till Prime Day. I think they will chop $20 off the price max. You said $49.99 I think that is too low for a new device. $69.99 seems about right.

    I was curious how much this device will be sold for in other markets on launch day so I went to Canada & the UK’s Amazon sites respectively. Canada is selling it for C$99.99 and the UK it is going for £79.99. They even had a limited deal for £249.98 that includes the Echo Show (2nd gen), the Echo Show 5 and one Philips Hue Bulb. I tried to find the same deal on the US site but no go. I truly hope we get such a deal.

    I must try to refrain from buying each new Echo device. I have run out of rooms to place them in. I already have 8 of them all around my home and a 9th one I use solely when traveling.

    Looking forward to your review as well as others after launch day.

  3. Yeah, I think I'm going to get this, but I'm going to wait until prime day to see if it goes on sale. I think the echo spot is nice and I have the spot but it's $30 more than this show 5. So I think it's a no brainer to get the show 5 over the spot.

  4. really good video!! nicely summarized. if you buy one, will you review it? I'm really thinking of getting one too


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