Home Assistant: Automated Bathroom Ventilation

published: 2019-05-14 19:10:30

Even since we’ve lived in our new house I have wanted to create a sort of “automatic” bathroom ventilation. Our central ventilation box has a feature that can be used for that but we needed hooked it up. But, combining two of my recent Home Assistant videos it’s actually quite easy now, let’s build it and throw some Node-Red into the mix too! 😀

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Home Assistant: Automated Bathroom Ventilation

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MH-ET Live ESP32: http://geni.us/4OZdAj
or Wemos D32 Mini: https://geni.us/9aXV

Good Micro-USB cable: https://geni.us/4Yqui9t

Good Phone charger that can deliver 5v 2A (10w) on a single port: https://geni.us/TiSqB

DC-DC converter used: http://geni.us/slWB9

Xiaomi Mijia Temperature and Humidity Sensor: https://geni.us/Tr2RpJH

1x, 2x, 4x or 8x Relay board with Optocoupler and 3.3v trigger: https://geni.us/dRYwMJK

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  1. I have a similar setup at home. What you could try to do is get a humidity value from one of the sensors outside of the bathroom and use that as a target for the bathroom humidity. That way if the air inside is a bit more humid than normal, your fan won't keep running because it can't reach the static target.

  2. Great idea why I didn't think of that myself 🤪

  3. Thanks, I love these how to videos.

  4. Those MeanWell power supplies – they have a live 230 AC screw terminal pretty exposed don't they? Is it possible to make that a bit safer?


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