Barking Dog Security Alarm System

published: 2019-04-15 13:04:05

The best DIY Smart Home Security System is a barking dog security alarm. No need for training a dog to attack, the sound effect will scare away an intruder or criminal from your house. What is the best DIY home security system with no monthly fees? The SmartThings smart App monitoring with no monthly fees sounds like an electronic barking dog alarm home security.

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Rex 2 Electronic Watchdog Alarm (International)
SmartThings Hub V3 (International)
Samsung Speaker R1 (International)

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  1. 👍🏼ً👍🏼ً👍🏼ً👍🏼ً👍🏼ً

  2. First, you gals are amazing, let's just start there. I like this idea a lot and can vouch that those dog bark speakers are trash. I have one you showed, it'll actually encourage someone to break in as it sounds fake.

    I have a poor man's version of this setup. By schedule my Alexa show in the kitchen speaks to my Alexa dot in the living room and activates an Alexa skill "Alexa ask guard dog to bark". Alexa in the living room is connected via Bluetooth to a Bose speaker. It'll bark on volume 10 until someone return's home. Based on a ST door sensor via alexa routines, it'll stop the barking the moment the sensor detects the garage door opening.

    The dog barks sounds good but not as ferocious as what you have also it barks nonstop. May consider switching to your setup!

  3. My God that alrm would be amazing for my house. Great video

  4. Great. Implemented that in my house as well DIY-ed that. I think I even use the same dog sound

  5. anika, you little devil 😈

  6. I think someone who really needs this. For some reason my friend dont lock their door. I tell them one they going to get a surprise 4 not locking the door. This will b good 4 em.

  7. I prefer having my dog. Criminals will know it’s fake great idea but this won’t work

  8. To make the barking more realistic I would say add some movement to the sound that way people would believe that there would be dogs in the house


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