Face Detection Door Lock with Home Automation by Azad

published: 2019-04-12 09:37:08

Nowadays we face a big problem to securing our residence, expensive goods by a simple lock. Day by day the thief becomes so expert. They can break any simple lock. To secure our own house and expensive goods, I made an IoT base security system that helps us with very effectively called “FACE DETECTION DOOR LOCK WITH HOME AUTOMATION”. The lock will be controlled with the help of microcontroller-based system having face detection door unlock, password match unlock, Bluetooth connected door unlock and AC load control by android phone, IR remote controlled door unlock and AC load control. We can unlock our door lock by authorized person face, IR remote and Bluetooth connected android phone. We also can control our home’s AC loads by IR remote & Android phone. The main goal of this project is securing our home from unauthorized person.

I use here Raspberry pi 3 B+ with OpenCV and Arduino Uno Module.

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